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Construction AI-Powered Business Suite with BuildersMeet

Construction Business Suite with BuildersMeet AI-Powered

Software solutions suite to drive your business towards success

Construction AI-Powered Business Suite

Software solutions suite to drive your business towards success

BuildersMeet Solutions Suites are tailored for builders, contractors, suppliers, realtors, and other service providers in the construction and housing industry. We address pain points by enhancing efficiency, promoting digital adoption, and ensuring business stability and local sustainability.

Solutions Suites for Construction Business

  • All Solutions
  • for Builders
  • for Contractors
  • for Suppliers
  • for Service Providers
  • for Realtors
  • Others

Whatever your business needs to grow, we have the solutions to make it powerful.

Icon Business Profile

Business Profile

Create a professional business profile to showcase your services and projects.
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Icon Custom Website

Custom Website

Build a custom website to attract more clients and grow your online presence.
Learn more

Icon Online Shop

Online Shop

Launch your online store to sell products and services directly to customers.
Learn more

Icon CRM

CRM System

Manage your customer relationships with our powerful CRM system.
Learn more

Icon Community Manager

Community Manager

Foster a vibrant community and manage interactions seamlessly.
Learn more

Icon AI Assistant

AI Assistant

Enhance your operations with our AI-powered assistant.
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Icon Project-WIP Management

Project-WIP Management

Keep track of work in progress and manage projects efficiently.
Learn more

Icon Asset Management System

Asset Management System

Track and manage your assets with ease.
Learn more

Icon Warehousing System

Warehousing System

Optimize your warehousing operations for better efficiency.
Learn more

Icon Deal Maker

Deal Maker

Streamline your deal-making process and close more sales.
Learn more

Icon Invoice Processing System

Invoice Processing System

Simplify your invoicing with our automated system.
Learn more

Icon Job Estimator

Job Estimator

Accurately estimate job costs and manage quotes.
Learn more

Icon Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Boost your online presence with our digital marketing solutions.
Learn more

Icon Targeted Advertisings

Targeted Advertisings

Reach your audience with targeted advertising campaigns.
Learn more

Icon e-Business Card

e-Business Card

Share your business details digitally with our e-Business Card.
Learn more

Icon Digital File Archiving

Digital File Archiving

Securely archive your digital files and documents with ease.
Learn more

Icon Housing Business Evaluator

Housing Business Evaluator

Evaluate and boost your housing business performance with our comprehensive tool.
Learn more

Icon Property Listing System

Property Listing System

Effectively list and manage property listings to attract potential buyers and tenants.
Learn more

Find the BuildersMeet Plan That’s Right for You


$ 50 /mo

Perfect for small businesses or startups, offering essential tools for initial growth and fundamental business needs.
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$ 180 /mo

Ideal for growing businesses, featuring advanced tools and higher usage limits to support expansion and development.
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$ 300 /mo

Designed for established businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of features with high-usage allowances and premium support.
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