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Virtual Store

Using Digital Supply Chain.


Digital Supply Chain

The most important concern of suppliers of goods and materials is continuous and growing sales with proper profit to guarantee the survival of their business.

On the other side, buyers always like to buy high quality goods at the best prices.

These days, with the use of the Internet and new marketing methods, the digital supply chain has received a lot of attention. Its great advantage is the possibility of offering goods at a lower cost than traditional methods. Because many of the costs of a shop are eliminated. In addition, there are no time and space limitations for ordering and purchasing goods in this way.

Virtual Store

The Virtual store was developed to provide goods and materials at the best price for its consumers due to the reduction of some supply chain cost. Another ability of Virtual Store is to redirect the flow of buyers’ or buyer’s demand to create a steady flow to the suppliers of goods, which also reduces the cost of supply chain.

Buyer of construction goods, has easy access to the specifications of the goods, and the process of selecting, inquiring and purchasing the required goods in their Bill of materials(BOM) is done through the system.

In order to increase the accuracy of ordering goods and avoid wasting time and money, uniform Building Material Standard Codes (BMSC) have been used.


  • Using account based marketing

  • Integrated with WIP management system for redirecting purchase flow of the projects

  • Integrated with Deal Maker system for other purchase

  • Integrated with Targeted Advertising system for other purchase

  • Cloud base virtual store

  • New customized channels to sell the materials

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