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Business Profile Solution

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Builders Meet Community

BuildersMeet is a social network platform as a digital marketing channel to overcome construction industry growth limitations for different Type of construction industry workforces.

Our community establishes a Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) digital marketplace for anyone who is interested in construction, housing and related businesses and joined it.

Today, digital business has shown its value more than ever with the emergence of new global crises.

Covid-19 affected the supply chain of material, especially in construction. In this new situation importance of using digital marketing has become more apparent than before.

Business Profile

To go through the gates of the digital marketplace, your business digital identity should be created and then displayed to the intended audiences. BuildersMeet community is well-equipped by intended audiences for different jobs in construction.

In order to present the businesses in the community, we developed Business Profile solution which is customized for each construction job segment.

Subscribers able to create a custom and perfect profile for their businesses using the organized fields of BuildersMeet Business Profile and publish it on the web easily.

This kind of professional profile is a replacement for costly businesses website. BuildersMeet Business Profile greatly reduces the cost and hassle of creating and maintaining a website.

In addition, for who has owned this profile BuildersMeet provides Integrated Solutions, empowering its community to strongly act and benefit form it specifically in Deal Maker Solution.


  • Use it as your business website

  • Customized tools for jobs in the construction industry

  • Integrated with Deal Maker Solution

  • Integrated with Targeted Advertising Solution

  • Ability to present your business specifications

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