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Website Creation Tool

Create and Update your custom website by yourself.

Web Creation

Website Creating Technical Approaches

There are two completely different approaches to having a website. Each has benefits and constraints. You must choose one according to your priorities. The first one is Do It Yourself(DIY) and the second is hiring a website developer.

Website Creation Costs

The cost of website creation includes:

1. One-time creation cost.

2. Ongoing costs:

  • Standard Costs like hosting cost, domain cost.

  • Updating costs.

  • Marketing costs.

These two approaches are different in the creation and ongoing costs and obviously developing a website is more expensive than DIY method.

BuildersMeet Website Creation Technical Type

BuildersMeet has a very special integrated solution for you. The specification of our integrated solution is transparency in costs. Website Creation tool delivers a customized panel to you to have your own and make any changes at any time you need online and without any delay and at no cost.

This solution is adapted between DIY and web Developing and we named it Customized Software As A Service (CSAAS). With this method, the disadvantages of DIY interfaces decreased, and the cons turned into pros meaningfully. We developed a website by using JavaScript and C#. The infrastructure is developed in Microsoft Azure to host your data securely and trustfully. So, your website is dynamic and technically professional.

BuildersMeet Website Creator and Operator Tool

BuildersMeet as a construction social media has prepared a customized business profile for construction-related Businesses.

By this profile, you gain professional digital identities to start your e-commerce. The e-Commerce start point is having a Business Profile or Website or Both.

The most valuable part of a customized Business Profile is the Website Creation Tool that acts as a dashboard for making a website on your desired URL. The website has been born by BuildersMeet Business Profile intensifies your digital identities.

The “Create Website” is a tool that turns your Customized business profile into a tailored professional website.

Different BuildersMeet Business Website type

BuildersMeet has designed Customized Website for its users. The customized website means that it is tailored for each type of construction-related business based on their demands.

  • Builders, General Contractors, and sub-contractors’ websites have been architected to show their business information, different service types, their Portfolios, messaging, google and BuildersMeet review, and ranking to attract customer’s trust, RFQs, publishing news, etc.

  • Material Supplier or Rental Equipment Supplier's website in addition to their information, selected materials and etc. is integrated with their Virtual Store.

  • Realtors’ website contains their information, services, promotions, google and BuildersMeet reviews and ranking, etc., and is integrated with *- Realtor Listing software for presenting their listing properties. they can set their appointments through their website.

  • Service-Providers website is categorized with their information, services, promotions, google and BuildersMeet reviews and ranking, etc.

The website domain must wisely address the business brand. Website owners should select the best URL and provide it to BuildersMeet starts the web creation process through some steps. This website will be created very fast after you send the website address.

Website SEO

BuildersMeet vision is to provide the best service for its customers. Based on this, BuildersMeet, in addition to creating and maintaining website services, provides SEO to them.

The business owners will be able to manage their website’s SEO and update it by themselves without charging money and wasting time.

Here is the place they can enter their SEO parameters to their website metatag. BuildersMeet also offers them some sample words.

By creating a specific list for your SEO, your website will rank higher in the google search and it will attract more traffic.


Great advantages of using this tool:

  • BuildersMeet Business profile acts as a dashboard:

    • Users can update their website content all by themselves.

    • These changes will apply automatically.

  • It has an SSL protocol.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Also, it has the ability to link to google reviews as an extra option.

  • This website is integrated with demanded software based on the business type mentioned above.

  • This website will be created in less than a day.

Although it’s easy to set up your website with the “Website Creation Tool”, it is supported by BuildersMeet customer service, video, and PDF tutorials.

We are with you in each step to create your perfect Website.

BuildersMeet follows the freemium strategy for this product which the price is more related to the hosting of the user’s website in Microsoft Azure. With the BuildersMeet Website, creation solution users don’t need to pay for website Updating costs.

BuildersMeet hopes to be a real solution to its valuable customers to earn more than they pay.

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