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What is BMSC?

In digital supply chain, considering a unique code for each material is a very important. This code shows its value when writing bill of materials(BOM), requests for information(RFI), requesting for quotation(RFQ) and writing the purchase order(PO). In addition, it increases the accuracy of product selection by both side, suppliers and consumers.

We considered Material & Equipment Standard Codes(MESC) developed by Shell company. We customise this method for digital supply chain in the BuildersMeet community.

The generated codes are called Building Material Standard Code or BMSC.

This code contains ten digits. These figures are selected based on a method that reflects the product category and provides valuable information. In addition, it helps the consumer to search and select the material.

Serial No

The collection of these codes, which is always being completed by us or our users, contains valuable and useful information, is a library of material classification codes.


The first two digits are the heading code. These two digits indicate the general category of goods and show the material belongs to which main group.

It is possible to define 99 headings.

For grouping goods, 2 digit heading must be considered to perform the initial grouping of goods.

Headings List
10 Construction Materials
20 Spare Parts
30 Construction Equipment
40 Safety Equipment
80 Food Stuffs


The second two digits are the sub-heading code. These two digits indicates the main category of goods and show materials belong to which of the main group.

It is possible to define 99 sub-headings.

For classifying goods, 2 digit heading must be considered to perform the initial grouping of goods.

Sub-Headings List
01 Building Materials
02 Decks
03 Draywall
04 Electrical
05 Fencing
06 Flooring and Ceiling
08 Cooling
11 Lumber
12 Moulding & Millwork
14 Paint
15 Plumbing
16 Tape
17 Tiling
18 Waterproofing
19 Windows
20 Doors
21 Clean Up Tools
22 Lighting
23 Plywood, OSB & MDF
24 Landscaping
25 Metals & Structural Steel
26 Roofing
27 Tools & Accessories
28 Bathroom
29 Kitchen
30 Storage & Cabinet
31 Insulation
32 Stairs
34 Fireplace, Decorative
99 General Hardware


The third two digits are the sub-sub-heading code. These two digits indicate the specific category of goods and show the material belong to which group by mentioning the details.

It is possible to define 99 sub-sub-headings.

For more detailed classification of goods, 2 digit sub-heading must be considered to perform grouping of goods.

Sub-Sub-Headings List
10 Builder's Hardware
20 Builder's Essentials
30 Caulk & Adhesive
40 Concrete & Cement
50 Roofing
60 Siding
70 Rebar, Wire Mesh & Formwork
80 Blocks
90 Aggregates

Serial No

After selecting the heading, sub-heading and sub-sub-heading, which together form the first six digits of the BMSC, the next three digits are the serial number.

The serial number in the selected branch of the first six digits is a unique number and can be from 1 to 999 and sequantial.

Manufacturer Country Indicator

We assigned the last digit of BMSC to the indicator of manufacturer country. This indicator is used to specify the manufacturer country of each product.

In some cases, the choice of goods made in a particular country has benefits for the buyer of those goods.

Indicators List
1 Made in Canada
2 Made in USA
3 Made in China
4 Made in Europe
9 Other
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