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Digital File Archiving

Secure your digital asset in a safe place.


Digital Asset

A digital asset is any content, stored digitally by any format on personal computers, laptops, flash memories, etc. which is valuable and comes with the right to use.

Some of them are your business applications outputs such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs, Presentations and so on. The others could be digital version of physical documents was produced through scanning or Imaging in various formats.

Your files are your properties because your time and money has been spent for their creation. In other word, they are your valuable life and business references, and exactly equals to your digital assets. Although a digital asset is not tangible, and you cannot have it in your grasps, it does not mean it is worthless. On the contrary, it should be kept securely same as a precious property.

There will be more considerations courage using Digital Assets in an organized way. Environmental impacts of using paper documents, the space required to store them, and threats that destroy them easily, implied digital saving of assets as the best solution.

Digital File Library

We have developed this service as a practical solution according to the needs of business owners. This is the place to store and retrieve your valuable digital assets founded cloud computing.

Digital File Library is a replacement for hard disk drives or flash memories, etc. Think about how useful it is in a situation you are producing several versions of a map file containing the same name and you should retrieve them in a near future, by the fact these issues are on the rise in your business. Certainly, the common methods will not work or are not accurate, practically.

Use Digital File Archiving system to create a solution for storing and classifying your valuable files and digital documents. Apply our developed tool to migrate from flash memory or hard disk to secure Builders Meet cloud base servers. change your paper documents or bills to digital formats like PDF files and let us preserve and organize them. It is time to integrate your Digital File archiving to our other solutions.

Now, you have all classified documents accessible, anywhere anytime.


  • Accessible anywhere at any time securely through the internet

  • Classified & retrievable by assigned keywords

  • Safe & Secure Storage

  • Ability to add a full description for your archive

  • Integrable with our other solutions to turn your complicated problems to piece of a cake

  • Omit cost and risk of keeping paper documents

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